No future without a history.

The history of HAN Hydromotive is an extraordinary story. A story that is far from finished and to which new chapters are constantly being added. The achievements of today, we owe to our past.

In the year 2009, there was a group of students who were so enthusiastic after the project called the 'HAN Eco-marathon' that they wanted to take on the challenge of competing in the Shell Eco-marathon. This was the motive to establish the team HAN Hydromotive. Since then, the dream of winning the Shell Eco-marathon was born. 




From Arval Inspire I to HM15!


Building on the past with the HM15!

The HM 15 came in action during the Shell Eco-marathon in 2024. With this car, HAN Hydromotive celebrated the team's 15th anniversary. And celebrate that, we did so in style!

With a 27% improvement over the HM23, the HM15 was able to set a new personal record of 3082 Km/Kg H2!

The HM15 was also the most reliable hydrogen car in the entire competition. This showed that the team already had 15 years of experience in building extremely fuel-efficient vehicles for the Eco-marathon!

The team also got to stand on the podium for the third year in a row! Again this year with a wonderful second place! With the HM15, HAN Hydromotive is setting itself up as a real top team in the competition. After 15 years of innovation and improvement, the team is getting closer and closer to first place!

HAN Hydromotive was able to experience a successful anniversary year and achieve a great result! As the only University of Applied Sciences in our class, we write history every time! And of course, our goal is not just to win a competition, but to enable change within the mobility sector! With our project, we hope to create more awareness for a greener future! We did that then, and we still do today!


A journey through time.

  • From 2010 to 2012, we participated with our first vehicle, the 'Arval Inspire I'. This vehicle was made of wood. Due to lack of time and little experience with hydrogen, we participated in the 'petrol' category in 2010. In the following years, it participated in the 'hydrogen' category. The best result with this vehicle was third place at the 2011 Shell Eco-marathon in Lausitz, with a consumption of 2059 Km/Kg H2.
  • From 2013 to 2015, we participated with our second vehicle the 'Arval Inspire II'. Techniques have improved over the years, leading to more background studies on building a Shell Eco-marathon vehicle. The Arval Inspire II was developed in 3D and built entirely from composites. During construction, a number of goals that had been set were taken into account. One of those objectives was to make the Arval Inspire II street-legal. With this, we proved that students from the HAN can make an extremely fuel-efficient vehicle for the Dutch roads. The second objective was to make the Arval Inspire II suitable for two people. The best result with this vehicle was achieving third place at the 2014 Shell Eco-marathon in Rotterdam, with a consumption of 1745 Km/Kg H2.
  • From 2016, we participated with our third vehicle. The ABN AMRO Lease Accelerator. A consumption of 1950 Km/Kg H2 was achieved with this vehicle. Further development of this vehicle in the following two years produced an even better result, but due to technical defects, no more results were achieved.
  • In 2019, there was success again: third place, with a consumption of 2367 Km/Kg H2! This was mainly due to the new vehicle, the HM10. For the tenth edition, this vehicle was armed with an updated energy management system. The vehicle also had a completely new body and chassis.
  • From 2021 onwards, we are driving the HM22 with yet another new record that far exceeds the results achieved so far: a consumption of 3055 Km/Kg H2! This was mainly due to the redeveloped suspension and even more efficient drive train. This result officially places the team third in the world rankings.
  • In 2022-2023, it was time again for a new bolide, the HM23. With the very best result in the ranking to date, namely second place! As the best in the Benelux, we achieved a consumption of 2429 Km/Kg H2! All this despite the huge height differences we experienced on the track. This was good enough for second place. A great result! 
  • For the 2024 Shell Eco-maraton, it was time again for a new vehicle. In this year, HAN Hydromotive celebrated the team's 15th anniversary, and so the HM15 was developed. With this car, the team set a new personal record of 3082 Km/Kg H2! This was good enough for another second place in the world rankings! 

"We are learning from a rich past to take the right steps towards a greener future."

Mees de Groot - Team Manager HAN Hydromotive