Our cars

View our cars from the past 15 years here. HAN Hydromotive has a rich history that includes beautiful and innovative creations. These ultra-efficient vehicles that our team has built over the years have pushed boundaries. They are a part of who we are as a team. Our cars we will never forget. We build on the knowledge gained from the past. 


Arval inspire I

The Arval Inspire I was the car that started it all. The special features of this car are:

  • Built from wood.
  • 2010 participated in "Petrol" category.
  • 2011 participated in "Hydrogen" category.
  • Best result, third place.
  • Circuit result: 2059 Km/Kg H2.

Arval inspire II

The Arval Inspire II was the evolution on the Inspire I. The special features of this car are:

  • Ultra fuel-efficient street legal car.
  • Electric on the road, hydrogen on the racetrack.
  • Two-person vehicle.
  • Developed in 3D.
  • Best result, third place.
  • Track result: 1745 Km/Kg H2.


With the ABN ARMO LEASE ACCELERATOR, a new chapter began for HAN Hydromotive. With a new main sponsor and new members, a radically different approach was realised.

  • Smaller and lighter chassis.
  • Long aerodynamic body.
  • Circuit result: 1950 Km/Kg H2.

HM 10

With once again the start of a fresh, new chapter, HAN Hydromotive is venturing into a completely different vehicle design. With the team's tenth anniversary, a new platform comes to life.

  • HM 10 brings to life a new iconic shape.
  • New chassis and new body.
  • Renewed energy management system.
  • Third at the Eco-marathon
  • Circuit result: 2367 Km/Kg H2.

HM 22

With the HM 22, HAN Hydromotive takes another step in the development of their vehicle.

  • Improvements to the body and chassis.
  • More efficient powertrain introduced.
  • New suspension.
  • Third at the Shell Eco-marathon.
  • Circuit result: 3055 Km/Kg H2.



HM 23

The HM 23 puts HAN Hydromotive prominently as the top team of the Shell Eco-marathon. With second place, the team achieved a great result.

  • A completely redesigned body was designed.
  • Improved steering system.
  • Aero rims made of carbon.
  • Second in the Shell Eco-marathon.
  • Circuit result: 2429 Km/Kg H2.



HM 15

HAN Hydromotive will celebrate the team's 15th anniversary in 2024. With this car, we want to aim high at the Eco-marathon and improve on the best result.

  • Improvements to the body of the car.
  • New braking system with integrated handbrake.
  • New, and lighter, steering system.
  • Completely revamped and more efficient powertrain introduced.
  • Proprietary live data logger system developed.
  • Lighter and improved suspension.
  • Second at the Shell Eco-marathon.
  • Circuit result: 3082 Km/Kg H2.