Louwman Groningen Efficiency Tour

The Louwman Groningen Efficiency Tour took place on Sunday 19 September 2021. At this event, hydrogen cars had to drive a distance within a certain time with as little hydrogen consumption as possible while having fun discovering a number of beautiful locations in Groningen.

Despite being a just-for-fun event, there were several awards given out, more specifically, most efficient Hyundai, most efficient Toyota and most points achieved throughout the day. The HAN Hydromotive team managed to win the award for the most points!! 

In order to do this, the team had to visit several different locations around Groningen and take a photo of the car in front of each ofthem to win points, this had to be done within a strict time limit, as arriving late would cause a considerable point deduction. True to its roots, the team managed to efficently win all the points available and arrived just in time so that points would not be deducted.

The HAN Hydromotive team would like to thank herwers groep for providing us with a hydrogen powered Hyundai Nexo so that we could attend the Tour. The team had a blast and is looking forward to many more events in the future. We are very thankful for the invite!

For more information about the Rally: https://h2rijders.nl/events/louwman-groningen-efficiency-tour 

Louwman Arnhem / Louwman Groningen / KNAC Koninklijke Nederlandsche Automobiel Club / H2 Drivers

Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge

We are excited to announce the Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge which we will be organising with two other hydrogen teams, Green Team Twente & Eco-Runner Team Delft. The hydrogen efficiency challenge will be held on the 11th of June! Unfortunately, we can only have a limited number of attendees, so therefore you can follow the challenge live on www.hydrogenchallenge.nl.

From 11:30AM the liveblog will start and at the end of the day, from 16:15PM to 17:30PM, there will be a livestream followed by the award ceremony! 

H2 Rijders

Check it out! Hydromotive will post fun en interesting articles on the H2 Rijders website. H2 Rijders provides a lot of information and news articels about hydrogen in the automotive sector.

Website: https://h2rijders.nl/

Hydromotive articles: https://h2rijders.nl/nieuws/hydromotive 

Shell Eco-Marathon 2021 canceled

Unfortunately we have to announce that the Shell Eco-Marathon has been canceled for 2021 due to Covid-19, except for the Off-Track Awards. However, we hope to find an alternative so that we can show the hard work from the past year and provide results.

So keep an eye out for future updates.

New team

Here we present:
HAN Hydromotive team 2020-2021!

Own App

We have our own application !!!
The Hydromotive app powered by Bundling is intended to keep our partners informed of all news and progress in a closed social media environment.
If you are not yet registered within our app, you can do so in the following way:

  •  Download the app.
    • Appstore: Bundling, once downloaded, search for HAN Hydromotive within the app.
    • Playstore: HAN Hydromotive, you are then right.


  • Let us know via pr@hydromotive.nl if you have downloaded the app, we will send an activation code and everything will be done!


We hope to welcome you within our application

Minister Wiebes impreseed by the 'hydrogen city' of Arnhem

29 January 2020

During his visit to the Hydrogen Lab of the Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen, Minister Wiebes had the opportunity to get to know HAN Hydromotive.

Read further on the link below!


The Economic Board

14 January 2020

The Economic Board has placed an article about HAN Hydromotive! If you want to read more about it go and check it out through the link below.

The Economic Board

Alles Over Waterstoff

14 January 2020

Newspaper Alles Over Waterstof has posted an article about HAN Hydromotive! Go and check it out by clicking on the link underneath.

Alles Over Waterstof

Hydrogen Valley

30th October 2019

The European Union identified the northern part of the Netherlands as a Hydrogen Valley. 

Reasons behind this decision? In this part of you will find all the factors needed for a sustainable economy. Sustainable generation, storage and energy sources. Hydrogen can be applied in our daily life, such as in the industry and mobility sector.

To know more about this go and check:

European Commission



HAN Unexpected X Innovative Festival

5th October 2019

The stand at the Unexpected X Innovative Festival on Friday was a great success to increase our team's name awareness. 

We had the opportunity to meet different companies and people interested in our project. This event motivated us even more to show the world there are good alternatives for fossil fuels.

Check this video for a short video from the event itself!


Shell ECO Marathon kick-off

4th October 2019

Yesterday the complete team had the chance to assist to the kick-off event of the Shell Eco-Marathon at the Generation Discover Festival 2019 in Ahoy, Rotterdam.

This was a great opportunity to meet our rivals and get to know every team. We need to thank the organizers for the effort and enthousiasm during this kick-off.

New Hydromotive team

11th September 2019

Yesterday, the new Hydromotive team for HAN had the first meeting with the team from previous year. Previous years team managed to drive with an efficiency of 212 km/m3 of hydrogen (which would translate into a ratio of 1:692 km for petrol), this is the challange the new team is willing to surpass.

Discussions about all the challenges we are facing for this years #ShellECOMarathon made the new team more exited than ever, knowing that we have chances to win the competition in this years edition. 

Reveal HM10

15th May 2019

The reveal of the HM10 is finally here! This is the car that makes us compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2019. A lot of sponsors, partners and interested people came together on wednesday to see the  HM10 for the first time. 

We as a HAN Hydromotive team have put a lot of effort into designing and building this vehicle. And it shows! The result is beautifull. The upcoming weeks we will be busy with testing the car.  

Swagelok training

14th March 2019

Two members of our team have been getting out on the road to one of our partners, Swageloko. They both came back with a certificate for correctly placing fittings within the hydrogen system. This way, we know for sure that all pipings within the network are plugged in the right way. This will prevent damage to the system and limits the chance of getting leaks. Great work!