Through this webpage, we will keep you up to date with the latest news from HAN Hydromotive. 


HAN Hydromotive enters partnership with HyGear!

20th of March 2024.

HAN Hydromotive posted a wonderful message on their social media channels last week! Namely, the team has entered into a partnership with the company HyGear.

HyGear will supply green hydrogen for HAN Hydromotive. The team will use this to drive during test days. This means that from now on our test days will be green! 


The new braking system is working properly!

8th of March 2024.

Our guys from the "Brakes & Suspension" division have managed to get the new braking system working. "In recent years, the brakes were always a weak point of the car, but not anymore!" Says Nick Nijdeken, who is partly responsible for this success.

"Also the new integrated handbrake system worked really super well" Tristan Sleutel adds.  


HAN Hydromotive unveils the colour palette for the HM15!

15th of Februari 2024.

The actual car is still to be seen, but here are already the colours we will see back on the brand new HM15!

With these colours, we hope to better highlight the sponsors and will celebrate our 15th anniversary in a beautiful way. 


HAN Hydromotive presents the new 2024 team!

2th of Januari 2024.

HAN Hydromotive has been working on car with the new team members for months, but until now no official team photo had been brought out. Hereby, the team presents the new members who will race in May for the most fuel-efficient car in Europe!


HAN Hydromotive exists 15 years!

30th of January 2024.

HAN Hydromotive is 15 years old! What a wonderful milestone for our team! We would like to thank our partners immensely! Also the many people, students who have given heart and soul to keep this project standing over the years! On to the next 15 years full of green energy!


HAN Hydromotive adopts new corporate identity!

13th of October 2023.

HAN Hydromotive puts a refreshing spin on the look of its student team! With the focus on bringing the hydrogen element more to the forefront, and showing a better connection to HAN, the new logo and corporate identity was born.

"With this change, people can read our logo better, and we put ourselves in a unique way for the European Championships" says Remco Mulder, with a smile. The marketing manager is very happy with this new step and hopes to create a better canvas for the sponsors as well. 


HAN Hydromotive participates in the H2 challenge!

6th of October 2023.

HAN Hydromotive is taking part in the H2 challenge! Here, four of our team members will drive around Europe for 24 hours with a hydrogen car, to show that driving on hydrogen is actually possible!

We would like to thank Toyota van Gent for lending us the hydrogen car for this challenge!


HAN Hydromotive best of the Benelux at the Shell Eco-marathon!

24th of May 2023.

HAN Hydromotive is the best in the entire Benelux of the Ubran Concept class at the Shell Eco-marathon!

With a wonderful second place, HAN Hydromotive puts itself on the map as one of the top teams of the European and African Eco-marathon championships.

"We are extremely proud of this result! We hope we can compete for the European title next year."




HAN Hydromotive scores high honours at Shell Eco-marathon!

4th of June 2022.

HAN Hydromotive achieved a wonderful third place with our team at the Shell Eco-marathon! We would like to thank our partners immensely for all their help and support! Without them, we could not have achieved such a great result!