The latests edition of our vehicle, the HM12, its powered by Hydrogen, an energy carrier that has big chances of becoming the fuel of the future. Hydrogen is a sustainable alternative fuel. This means that when driving the emissions are reduced to zero, just some water and oxygen.

The fuel is set to a pressure of around 200 bar inside the tank, where it runs in the form as a gas through the energy system. With the help of a fuel cell electricity is created which drives the electric motor on the rear wheel.



The Shell Eco-Marathon is one of the world's most prestigious awards on the field of green mobility. To become the winner of this competition you do not ride the fastest but the most economical. Converted from hydrogen to fuel, we achieved on our last edition an outstanding result of 692 kilometers per liter. And this year we will do our best to improve our result!

Our team participates in the 'Urban Concept Class'. A class where a large amount of requirements are set for the vehicle, which sets the cars in a 'real-world scenario'. For example, the vehicle should have two doors, four wheels and a luggage compartment with certain minimum dimensions.


Our team consists of 16 second year Automotive students. We are all studying at the Hogeschool Arnhem & Nijmegen (HAN). The team is divided into a commercial and technical team. The four commercial students make sure all organizational tasks are done well and communicate with our partners and third parties. 

The technical team is in charge of developing and building the car. 12 students are divided into three subteams, each with their own specific task.