About our team


The history of the HAN Hydromotive has been going on for over a decade. In 2009 a couple of students were so enthusiastic about the end of the school project HAN Eco-Marathon that they wanted to compete in the race. They have started the Hydromotive and have been putting all of their effort in it. 

Arval Inspire I

From 2010 to 2012 the student team has competed with the first car: the Arval Inspire I. This vehicle was made out of wood. Because of the lack of time and experience with hydrogen back then the team has competed in the category gasoline. The years after the first edition they changed the category to hydrogen. The best result with this vehicle is a third place in the 2011 Shell Eco-Marathon in Lausitz: they drove 602 kilometer on one liter!

Arval Inspire II

From 2013 to 2015 the team has competed with their second vehicle: the Arval Inspire II. Over the years, the techniques have been improved. That's why there have been more background studies on building the car. The Inspire II is developped in 3D and completely out of composites. During the construction we kept in mind a couple of goals we set for ourselves. One of those was to get the Arval Inspire II legal for driving in the streets. We have proven that students can make an extremely economic car for the Dutch roads. 

The second goal was to make our car suitable for two people. The best result with this car was a third place in the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon in Rotterdam. We drove 510 kilometers on one liter. 

ABN AMRO Lease Accelerator

From 2016 we competed with a third car: the ABN AMRO Lease Accelerator. With this vehicle we drove 570 kilometers on 1 liter. By continuing the development in the second year, we had an even better result. Unfortunately, due to technical issues there has been no result in that year.


In 2019 there was another succes story: a third place! We drove 692 kilometers on 1 liter. This was thanks to our new car: the HM10. For the tenth edition this vehicle was armed with a new energy management system. This car also had a new body and a new chassis. 

Joris Oosterhuis

Team leader


My name is Joris Oosterhuis, 20 years old and living in Boskoop. After successfully completing my HAVO, I looked at various HBOs. I found out that it was all still too theoretical for me at the time, so I opted for the fast track (MBO 4 technical specialist and HBO propaedeutic phase Automotive in 3 years). This gave me a lot of practical experience with a bit of a challenge from higher professional education.

Joining the Hydromotive team is a unique opportunity to further develop myself in the field of project-based work. You also work together with motivated students who have one common goal: to win the Shell Eco Marathon!

I am very happy to fulfill the role of team manager, because I really enjoy working with technology and management, and with this role I can exercise both passions. I hope to achieve a lot with this team this year and to achieve a great performance at the Shel Eco Marathon.

Thomas Rozengaarden

Public Relations & Events


My name is Thomas Rozengarden, I am 21 years old and resident in Utrecht. After successfully completing high school I started looking for a HBO study. With a passion for car’s and the Automotive branch my choice immediately fell for the Automotive study at the HAN. With an economical background it wasn’t possible to start the study right away, so I followed a study called Entrepreneurship for a year and worked on my Physics. After a year I could finally start with Automotive and it hasn’t disappointed!  

I wanted to join the Hydromotive team for multiple reasons. If you want to join the team you have a ‘’job interview’’ to see if you have the skills and motivation to join the team. This means that you are surrounded by motivated people. The motivation in accompany with the goal to develop a more sustainable Automotive future means that you have a really good team. This motivated me to join the team. I am also very happy with my role as PR & Event manager because this gives me an opportunity to use the skills that I’ve learned on my previous study and explore and improve those. Together with the team I hope that we will accomplish the goals that we have set and get an amazing result during the Shell Eco Marathon!  

Rob Holtland

Public Relations & Financial Manager


My name is Rob Holtland, 21 years old. I was born in IJsselmuiden, in the Netherlands. Currently I am living in Arnhem. Before I started at Automotive, I studied MBO car mechanic. After four years of car mechanic the choice for Automotive at the HAN was pretty easy.


I wanted to be part of the Hydromotive team, because I can support the shift to sustainability in the Automotive industry with a group of extremely motivated students. With Hydromotive we are all part of the mission to renewable energy sources. Besides that, I want to improve my own skillset and convince everyone of our mission. Together with the team, I really want to reach our goal to achieve the best possible result in the Shell Eco Marathon!

Francisco del Castillo Suarez

Marketing Manager


My name is Francisco del Castillo Suarez and I am 19 years old. I was born in Madrid, Spain but I achieved my high school certificate in Australia. Ever since I was a child, I have known I wanted to work with cars, thus, after a lot of research and careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that the best thing for my future would be to move to the Netherlands to study Automotive Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

I wanted to join HAN Hydromotive because I was very interested in being part of a student team with the same passion for engineering that I have always had. I believed a spot on the team would teach me very valuable skills that I will use later in life and open many opportunities in my career, especially due to the potential impact that hydrogen technology can have in our future. Despite really liking the technical side of engineering, my main interests have become the commercial aspects of the automotive industry, thus, this year I have joined the commercial department and I am honoured to be the new marketing manager.

Marousha van Egmond

Engineer Body & Chassis


My name is Marousha van Egmond, I am 18 years old and I will be part of the HAN Hydromotive team this year.

Before I came to HAN to study there, I obtained my HAVO diploma. My interest in automotive has been developing from an early age. When I was 14 years old I was allowed to borrow my brother's cross car to participate in the “Texelse speedweekend autocross”, but after that car was crashed, I converted a Suzuki swift into a cross car together with the help of friends and family. I raced there for 2 years in the junior class. From that moment on I became interested in the racing world.

Joining the Hydromotive team is a great opportunity for me to be able to apply that prior knowledge within the project and to develop myself more as an engineer. Sharing my knowledge with co-students really helps to develop specialized skills. As a big Formula 1 fan I know that aerodynamics are very important and that's why I chose the Body & Chassis sub-team. My main interest lies in the design and development of vehicles and that is why I have chosen the Body & Chassis sub-team. It’s my challenge to create a difference in the Aerodynamics of our car so I’ve chosen to join the Body & Chasis Subteam. As a team, we aim to achieve the best possible result during the Eco-Shell Marathon, but above all, of course, to learn and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Sjoerd Peeneman

Engineer Body & Chassis


I’m Sjoerd Peeneman, 18 years old, and live in Maurik.

Racing and engineering are inextricably linked to me. Starting from a young age, I developed a love for fast cars and extreme designs by watching F1. Being able to apply my interests and working with a motivated team are the main reasons why I joined Hydromotive!

I joined Body & Chassis because I really like designing those parts of the car. Doing mechanical calculations and 3D designing are my strongest areas, and it’s exciting to experience the manufacturing process and many new challenges we are going to face! This subteam gives a great opportunity to translate the theoretical part, like mechanical calculations and 3D designing, into practice by manufacturing all components and testing them in real life conditions.

Being able to contribute to the future of hydrogen powered cars in such a unique and challenging way is a special experience. And with this year’s team, we’ll have a great time together, and we’re definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Martijn Minten

Engineer Body & Chassis


Hi, my name is Martijn and I am 19 years old and I live in Tiel. My hobby from the time before i joined the team had to do something with carbon composite materials, so the choice to join the body and chassis subteam was a natural one. I look forward to the challenges posed this year by the development of the racecar for this year's shell eco-marathon. As a member of body & chassis at Hydromotive the goal is to develop and produce the platform from where we aim to take part in the inovation of hydrogen powered endurance racing.

Jimmy Wiltenburg

Engineer Brakes & Suspension


My name is jimmy Wiltenburg, I am 21 years old and live in Arnhem. On secondary school I first finished my MAVO and after that I did 2 years of HAVO. When i finished the HAVO I was not really sure about what I wanted to do so I took two gap years. After those two years I found the study HAN Automotive in Arnhem. Im interested in engineering and cars, so why not combine that. Luckily with automotive this is possible.

The reason why I chose to be part of the hydromotive team is that I think it is a nice challenge. My subteam is brakes and suspension. I hope to learn much more about this subject because here lies my interest and I hope we get a nice result. I also want to learn more about hydrogen and this project is perfect for that.

Thomas Schenke

Engineer Brakes & Suspension


My name is Thomas Schenke, I am 21 years old and I live in Nieuwegein.Before I started at HAN, I followed the MBO study technical mechanic passenger cars in Nieuwegein. This study went very well and I wanted to take on an extra challenge in addition to my studies. I participated in the school's race team with the responsibility of adjusting and improving the suspension on the car on several tracks. This was very educational but very practical oriented. I wanted to argue these adjustments and show them on paper. That is why I chose the Automotive study at the HAN in Arnhem.

Participating in the Hydromotive team is a new opportunity for me to further expand my knowledge and to get the most out of myself. This project is also future-oriented, what interests me. Because the current picture of the future is aimed at a cleaner fuel such as hydrogen. That is why I am very pleased to be part of this team and work together with 16 other motivated students who have one common goal: to peak until the end and win the Shell Eco Marathon!

Jules Braken

Engineer Brakes & Suspension


My name is Jules Braken and I'm 19 years of age.  I'm originally from a small town called Giessenburg. Before I started my time at the HAN I've spent 6 years on Gymnasium Camphusianum in Gorinchem.


Since I was young I have been interested in cars and engineering. For this reason I decided to start at HAN Automotive. I'm very excited to start working in a big project involving the newest technologies that might just form a big part of the future.    

Thomas Leijssen

Engineer Powertrain & technical manager

I am Thomas Leijssen, 23 years old and I was born and raised in Arnhem.
I have been interested in technology from an early age, after successfully completing my mbo education in automation and control technology , I chose automotive because the car industry is innovating.

I had been very interested in the HAN hydromotive team since 2015, it particularly appealed to me because it is so innovative compared to combustion engine racing teams.

The reason why I joined the powertrain sub-team is because I want to learn more about hydrogen and its modern propulsion. I have gained a lot of knowledge about electricity and electric motors during my vocational education and I hope that I can apply a lot of it in this project.

As technical manager I am responsible for the technical and organizational input of the project. My role as technical manager is that there is good collaboration between the sub-teams. And that the development and production of the new car is going well.

Odin Bosscher

Engineer Powertrain


My name is Odin Bosscher, 20 years of age. I was born in Groningen, the Netherlands. This year I am part of the powertrain subteam. Cars and engineering has been an interest of mine since I was young. Therefore, after studying technical business for one year I decided to make a switch to HAN Automotive. I’m still very content with making that switch.

To expand on the knowledge I learnt in the first year of the study I decided to become a member of the Hydromotive team. I also regard this as a very good opportunity to get hands-on experience while working in a project group. And together take on the challenge before and during the shell eco-marathon.

Stijn Beverdam

Engineer Powertrain


My name is Stijn Beverdam. I’m 21 years old and I was born and raised in the city of Zwolle. Before I began my study at the HAN I was studying as a car mechanic at the Deltion College in Zwolle.

The reason why I studied at the Deltion College is because when I was younger I already had a big passion for cars, and so I wanted to learn more about it. But while I was doing the study I came to the conclusion that I didn’t really want to be working in a garage for my whole live. So that’s why I decided to go to the HAN to do HBO.

The reason why I’ve chosen the Hydromotive team is because I expect that in the future there will be more and more hydrogen cars on the road. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge from this project so that I can adapt this knowledge into my work later on.

Simon Bours

Engineer Powertrain


I am Simon Bours, 21 and I come from Groningen. I have a passion for both electrical and mechanical engineering and have decided to join this course so I can develop myself in both these areas.

I chose to join the Hydromotive team because I don't know much about hydrogen as an energy source and because working under pressure within a race team really appeals to me!

Yannick Janssen

Engineer Powertrain


My name is Yannick Janssen, I am 21 years old and I come from Azewijn. Last year I started the Automotive study at the Han. Before this I completed the MBO 4 study Agricultural engineering at Aventus in Apeldoorn. I like working on machines and cars.

I have always been interested in technology and it is great that I can be part of the Hydromotive Powertrain subteam. This year I hope to learn a lot together with my teammates and achieve a good performance at the Shell Eco marathon.


Yoram Faber

Engineer Powertrain


My name is Yoram Faber, I am 21 years old and I live in Arnhem. I have been passionate about cars and motorcycles from a young age. After secondary school, I first completed an MBO and I became a Technical specialist on commercial vehicles, after which I chose to continue studying at HAN.


When I saw the presentation of the previous HAN Hydromotive team, I was immediately sold. I believe that hydrogen has a great future, that is why I want to learn more about this through the Hydromotive team. I am proud to be part of the Hydromotive team, working in a close and motivated group of students to achieve a great result!

Edwin Kemper

Technical Advisor


I am Edwin Kemper, 41 years old and living in Raalte. Once (at the age of 16) I started in the automotive as a car mechanic and moved on to a teacher. In education I am involved with racing teams, projects and sustainable propulsion, because this is where my passion lies. Seeing how students really develop themselves and the enormous commitment they show in a project like this makes education meaningful and fun, which I want to commit myself to.

From my background as a Power Train teacher I would like to use my knowledge to take the Hydromotive team to the top!

Jaap Janssens

Technical Supervisor


My name is Jaap Janssens, 33 years old and I live in Huissen. I once started as a student at HAN Automotive and have been working as a teacher for the past 9 years. As a teacher I give the following subjects: CAD, production drawings, finite elements, mechanics of composites and sandwich constructions. I mainly supervise the technical sub-teams and really enjoy doing this. Together with teaching, it is one of the best parts of my job. It is always great to see how the students experience it when their designs come to life. We finished third last year, but there was still a lot to improve on our vehicle. So this year we have the opportunity to achieve an even better results!