About our team


The history of the HAN Hydromotive has been going on for over a decade. In 2009 a couple of students were so enthusiastic about the end of the school project HAN Eco-Marathon that they wanted to compete in the race. They have started the Hydromotive and have been putting all of their effort in it. 

Arval Inspire I

From 2010 to 2012 the student team has competed with the first car: the Arval Inspire I. This vehicle was made out of wood. Because of the lack of time and experience with hydrogen back then the team has competed in the category gasoline. The years after the first edition they changed the category to hydrogen. The best result with this vehicle is a third place in the 2011 Shell Eco-Marathon in Lausitz: they drove 602 kilometer on one liter!

Arval Inspire II

From 2013 to 2015 the team has competed with their second vehicle: the Arval Inspire II. Over the years, the techniques have been improved. That's why there have been more background studies on building the car. The Inspire II is developped in 3D and completely out of composites. During the construction we kept in mind a couple of goals we set for ourselves. One of those was to get the Arval Inspire II legal for driving in the streets. We have proven that students can make an extremely economic car for the Dutch roads. 

The second goal was to make our car suitable for two people. The best result with this car was a third place in the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon in Rotterdam. We drove 510 kilometers on one liter. 

ABN AMRO Lease Accelerator

From 2016 we competed with a third car: the ABN AMRO Lease Accelerator. With this vehicle we drove 570 kilometers on 1 liter. By continuing the development in the second year, we had an even better result. Unfortunately, due to technical issues there has been no result in that year.


In 2019 there was another succes story: a third place! We drove 692 kilometers on 1 liter. This was thanks to our new car: the HM10. For the tenth edition this vehicle was armed with a new energy management system. This car also had a new body and a new chassis. 

Bas van Oirschot

Team manager


My name is Bas van Oirschot, 22 years old and Automotive student at HAN. After obtaining my VMBO diploma (electrical direction) I started the commercial vehicle technician course (level 2). This training has confirmed my enthusiasm for the direction of automotive engineering. In the years that followed, I continued to learn to dive deeper into the technique. In 2021 I completed my time at MBO with a diploma technical specialist company cars (level 4). After this I made the choice to continue my studies at HAN. The Automotive study fits in nicely with my experience in automotive technology and my passion for it.

Being part of the Hydromotive team is a great opportunity to work on a solution that will mean a lot in the transition to an emission-free future. It also yields a lot in terms of personal development, since you learn to work together as a team in which no link can be missing in the chain.

I am very happy to have taken on the role of team manager. The beauty of this role is that you get a little bit of everything. And that you combine technology and management.
I am fully confident that as a team we will achieve a great performance at the Shell Eco-Marathon in 2023!

Maarten van der Kleij

Public Relations & Financial Manager


My name is Maarten van der Kleij, I am 21 years old and resident in Zevenaar. Before I started at HAN Automotive, I did the education ‘Technisch specialist personenauto’s’. In those four years I noticed that I had a greater potential than I thought and I wanted to grow further in my development. 
In my previous education I was already very interested in hydrogen and that has only become more later on. I chose the Hydromotive team to take on a great challenge and because I think there is a great future in hydrogen and would like to help with the development of hydrogen together with 12 other motivated students. I hope to achieve all goals with the team and to achieve a good result at the Shell Eco Marathon. 

Jelmer Gasseling

Public Relations & Events


I am Jelmer Gasseling, 19 years old and living in Arnhem. After my VWO education in Belgium at a European school, I started looking for further education. In some conversations with my parents I found out that I would do a technical course that had everything to do with car technology. In the first year we heard about the Hydromotive team and I was immediately enthusiastic. This is because I think there is a great future for hydrogen in the automotive industry.

Now it's my job to get sponsors and to ensure that we are at events presenting the car. I also make sure we will have several final rehearsals for the grand final race in May. Our goal is to finish as high as possible in the Shell Eco-Marathon and I am happy to be part of that.

Sven Tangeman

Marketing Manager & IT


I am Sven Tangeman, 19 years old and living in Eemnes. After successfully completing my Havo I was looking at further education. With a passion for cars, a technical education such as Automotive immediately had my interest. My love for hydrogen started in my fifth year of secondary school when I wrote my PWS about hydrogen in aviation. As a result, I also ended up with the Hydromotive team because this interest has really stuck and I want to do further research into this in order to ensure a cleaner environment.

Participating in the Hydromotive team is a unique opportunity to further develop myself in the field of project work. Because you have to apply for the team, you can be sure that you are working with a group of supportive students. Combine the motivation of the group with the goal of achieving sustainable developments within the Automotive industry and you have put together a nice team. The solidarity and motivation to achieve a goal together appealed to me the most to participate in this project. Together with the team I hope to reach our goal this year and achieve a great result during the Shell Eco Marathon!

Teun van der Meer

Engineer Body & Chassis


Hi, my name is Teun van der Meer, 23 years old from Assendelft. I’ve always enjoyed wrenching on cars, and have a passion for anything technical. In the Hydromotive team, I am active in the body and chassis sub-team. I chose this direction since it involves a good blend of strength calculations and aerodynamics. Everything is made from carbon fibre, and this is a great chance to learn the basics of working with this material. Also it’s a great opportunity to get experience with the aerodynamic side of vehicles. I hope we can make the vehicle as reliable as possible, so our participation in the races will be guaranteed.

Jelte van der Meer

Engineer Body & Chassis


My name is Jelte van der Meer, I am 19 years old and I am from Lemmer. From a young age I had already been exposed to cars. From there on my passion for cars grew further. After I finished high school I started the study Automotive Engineering without second thought. In my first year of studying I had been informed about Hydromotive and it immediately caught my attention. 
I am the type of person who likes a challenge and enjoys finding innovative solutions for complex problems. This is also the reason why I manage the sub-team Body & Chassis. Within this sub-team I will be given the opportunity to gain new skills and bring the car to its optimal form.

Remco Baan

Engineer Body & Chassis


My name is Remco Baan, I am 19 years old and I live in Rijssen. As a little boy I was always crazy about everything on wheels. When I was 7 I got my first dirt bike and after an introduction to karting during a workshop I found my sport. In the meantime I have participated in various national and international kart competitions and was allowed to participate as a guest driver in an electric kart event in Germany. After my HAVO exam, it soon became clear that my future education should have something to do with automotive or engineering. I found my education at HAN. I think it's great to be able to contribute to the development of new techniques and aerodynamics. To discover and develop something new.
When I got the chance to apply for a job with the HAN hydromotive team, I did so right away. Here I can be part of a great team, where I mainly focus on the aerodynamics and the chassis of the vehicle.
By choosing this I can challenge myself to achieve great results for the team!

Christian de Waal

Engineer Brakes & Suspension


My name is Christian de Waal, I am 22 years old living in Werkendam. After I successfully completed high school, I started looking for a possible college degree. After 2 successful full years at MBO, I knew for sure that I wanted to study automotive engineering at the HAN in Arnhem. There was only one stumbling block: mathematics. After some intense conversations at school, I managed to get tutoring for maths. As a result, I achieved the required level of mathematics during the MBO education. When I almost got my P, I had to choose a project for the following year: after all the presentations, Hydromotive stood out head and shoulders for me. If you want to join the team, you'll have a ''job interview'' to see if you have the skills and motivation to join the team. This means that you are surrounded by motivated people. The motivation that comes with the goal of developing a more sustainable Automotive future means that you have a very good team. This motivated me to join the team. I am also very happy with my role as an engineer for the sub-team: Brakes and Suspension, as this gives me the opportunity to use, explore and improve the skills I learned during my previous studies. Together with the team I hope that we will achieve the goals we have set and achieve a great result during the Shell Eco Marathon!

Aljosja Hazeleger

Engineer Powertrain


My name is Aljosja Hazeleger and I am 22 years old. I live in Ede. At the moment I am following the Automotive bachelor at the Han in Arnhem. before this I did MBO 3 car technology and I did MBO 4 technical specialist part-time. 

The first year at Automotive went well for me. This is partly because this profession is a passion for me. That's why I wanted a challenge. 

When I heard about Hydromotive I immediately became enthusiastic. With a team of motivated students, I am convinced that we can achieve a good end result. 

Because there is a lot of development in hydrogen at the moment, it is a great way to connect with this as a hydromotive team. I want to delve more deeply into alternative drives, which is why I want to work as a powertrain engineer. 

Stijn van der Meer

Engineer Powertrain


Hey Everyone, my name is Stijn van der Meer, I am 20 years old and live in Diemen. Since the beginning of high school I was interested in Science. My strong points were math and physics, but I also liked gym and working out. After successfully completing high school it was a logical choice for me to join a technical HBO study, and so I did. I was 17 years old when I started mechanical engineering, unfortunate I realized that this wasn’t 100% were I was looking for and I lack a bit of motivation back then. I always had a passion for cars and mobility in general so when I found out about Automotive this was a perfect mixture between mechanical/electrical engineering and vehicle mobility. I wanted to join the Hydromotive team because I always thought this was an opportunity to grow myself and develop and learn new skills. And now here I am, part of the Hydromotive Powertrain department, and happy to contribute bettering our current car.  

Edwin Kemper

Technical Advisor


I am Edwin Kemper, 43 years old and living in Raalte. Once (at the age of 16) I started in the automotive as a car mechanic and moved on to a teacher. In education I am involved with racing teams, projects and sustainable propulsion, because this is where my passion lies. Seeing how students really develop themselves and the enormous commitment they show in a project like this makes education meaningful and fun, which I want to commit myself to.

From my background as a Power Train teacher I would like to use my knowledge to take the Hydromotive team to the top!

Jaap Janssens

Technical Supervisor


My name is Jaap Janssens, 35 years old and I live in Huissen. I once started as a student at HAN Automotive and have been working as a teacher for the past 11 years. As a teacher I give the following subjects: CAD, production drawings, finite elements, mechanics of composites and sandwich constructions. I mainly supervise the technical sub-teams and really enjoy doing this. Together with teaching, it is one of the best parts of my job. It is always great to see how the students experience it when their designs come to life. We finished third last year, but there was still a lot to improve on our vehicle. So this year we have the opportunity to achieve an even better results!