Q1: How many team member does the team count?

A: 15 to 20 students and 2 tutors.

Q2: How many study points (ec’s) do I get for this project?

A: It is equal to the 2 alternative school projects. So 7,5 + 10 = 17,5

Q3: What language is mainly used in the team?

A: English is used for all the written reports and presentations. Dutch is used for all contact with our partners. Depending on the team members Dutch or English is used during the project days. This is the same at the regular projects.

Q4: Is there a team area?

A: Yes, there is. The HAN provides a shared team area. This is roughly 30m2. You will share this area with the other student teams from the HAN. This area is accessible every day as the team gets 2 keys to access the area. In the Team area you can find everything you need to work on the car. There will be a classroom reserved every project day.

Q5: What is the Shell Eco-marathon (SEM)?

A: The SEM is a clean mobility race held in Europe where your team will compete against other European universities who qualified. Your team races in the hydrogen category when there is also an electric and ICE category. This race is not about speed but about who has built the most efficient car. Next to the race there are also awards for the best design and best communication (social media pages).

Q6: When is the Shell Eco Marathon?

This race will be held end June/ begin of July every year. You will have a whole school year to work towards this race. Together with the team you will camp for a week together with 200 other student teams.

Q7: What are the different sub teams

A: There are 4 sub teams: Commercial, Powertrain, Body&Chassis and Brakes and Suspension. Within the commercial sub team there are 3 roles: team manager, sponsor manager (2x) and a marketing manager. Every technical sub team has a sub team manager.

Q8: Can I be in multiple sub teams?

A: You will start of in one sub team. What we have seen over the years is that halfway through the year team members get swapped around or taken away from one sub team to be added at another. If you start of in a sub team but you realise this is nothing for you then you can speak to the team manager and your tutors and see if you can swab.

Q: Who are the tutors for this project?

A: For the commercial team this is Selma van Loon and for the technical sub teams this is Jaap Janssens. Furthermore, there are other teachers involved who are specialised in hydrogen or finance for example. 

Q: How time consuming is this project?

A: It is more time consuming than a regular project. You will spend some free time at schoolworking on it. Especially when time is running out towards the race. However, this is much fun. You will feel that you are part of a team that has a shared goal. This extra time will give you a tick on your 40-hours activity.

Q11: How much time does the HAN allocate for this project?

A: Just like the regular school project this will be 1,5 days in semester 3 and in semester 4 this will be 2 full days.

Q12: Do we have to write reports for this project too?

A: Yes. The project starts by writing a Plan of approach (just like any project). This needs to be approved and will be graded. Halfway through the project you will reflect on this plan of approach. For the technical teams the decision you make will have to be explained by calculations and comparisons. This project is definitely not all about written reports, significantly less than the regular projects.