Challenge Ecogreen Gas

Proud is an understatement. We finished first in our category and broke the team's all time record! On our best round, we managed to achieve a consumption of 830km/L! Our previous record was 690. The EcoGreen Gas challenge was a fantastic event and a great time for the whole team, it gave us a ton of valuable experience and showed us what we are capable of. Nevertheless, we cannot wait to attend the Shell Eco-marathon in a few weeks time and break this record again!


What a fantastic day our car reveal was! On Friday the 29th of April, the HAN Hydromotive team unveiled our new car, the HM22, in the Eusebiuskerk in Arnhem. Sponsors, family and friends attended a very insightful and interesting presentation that was followed by a cozy get together. The team was really proud of the hard work and dedication that they have shown throughout the year, and are very excited to tackle the upcoming challenges!


From the 8th to 9th of April, the HAN Hydromotive team attended the Expo New Energy edition Hydrogen in Inspyrium in Cuijk. In an energetic ambiance, visitors were taken into the world of hydrogen and new energy.

With a visit to the Hydrogen street, where we had our stand, vistors got to know the possibilities of hydrogen in person. From tractors to garbage trucks and from race cars to excavators; all vehicles on this street run on hydrogen. Thanks to the participation of various regional suppliers of new energy in the Expo, a complete range was presented and many visitors discovered how they can contribute to a sustainable future.

Zero Emission Ecomobiel

On the 12th, 13th & 14th of October 2021, The 12th edition of the the Zero Emission Ecomobiel took place, this is a business fair in the light of sustainable innovation in mobility. A platform bursting with innovation, knowledge sharing and business.

The HAN Hydromotive team joined a large number of exhibitors that were also showing their sustainable solutions for mobility issues. For example, these exhibitors proposed ways to reduce energy and fuel costs, put together their idea of the ideal mobility mix or suggested tools for smarter organization of a fleet or better traffic flow.

Participating in Zero Emission | Ecomobile meant talking to professionals with concrete investment plans. But also establishing partnerships, making new contacts, increasing our brand awareness and participating in workshops and debates.

Achterhoekse Waterstofdagen

The Achterhoekse Waterstofdagen took place on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 October 2021 in Doetinchem. At the stadium of De Graafschap on the Lijsterbeslaan, the most innovative hydrogen vehicles were on display and lectures were given continuously about the future role of hydrogen in mobility, homes and at companies. 

The main reason for the hydrogen days was the opening of a hydrogen filling station at Kuster Energy on the Braamtseweg in Doetinchem in mid-December 2021. With the arrival of this filling station, and surely many more appearing as time goes by, companies that want to drive emission-free will have a new way of doing so.

All the visitors that attended this event could gaze at the many different products in which hydrogen can be used to supply power. Tractors, drones, personal movility vehicles and evrn racecars are just some of the many examples that show how present hydrogen technology could be in our future.

Louwman Groningen Efficiency Tour

The Louwman Groningen Efficiency Tour took place on Sunday 19 September 2021. At this event, hydrogen cars had to drive a distance within a certain time with as little hydrogen consumption as possible while having fun discovering a number of beautiful locations in Groningen.

Despite being a just-for-fun event, there were several awards given out, more specifically, most efficient Hyundai, most efficient Toyota and most points achieved throughout the day. The HAN Hydromotive team managed to win the award for the most points!! 

In order to do this, the team had to visit several different locations around Groningen and take a photo of the car in front of each ofthem to win points, this had to be done within a strict time limit, as arriving late would cause a considerable point deduction. True to its roots, the team managed to efficently win all the points available and arrived just in time so that points would not be deducted.

The HAN Hydromotive team would like to thank herwers groep for providing us with a hydrogen powered Hyundai Nexo so that we could attend the Tour. The team had a blast and is looking forward to many more events in the future. We are very thankful for the invite!

For more information about the Rally: 

Louwman Arnhem / Louwman Groningen / KNAC Koninklijke Nederlandsche Automobiel Club / H2 Drivers

Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge


On June 11, we participated in the Hydrogen Efficiency Challenge together with two other hydrogen teams, Green Team Twente & Eco-Runner Team Delft. In case you missed this, you can still watch the live blog and livestream at

Day 1


Have you already seen the video where Day1 visited our team? We talked about our car and the future of hydrogen.
Check out the video!!

Alliander 'Technical Day'

13 February 2020


This is the biggest event of Alliander, the annual 'Technical Day'. An event with around 1500 visitors, from Alliander employees to a few external parties, suplliers and speakers.

This year's theme is "Energy Transition in the Region" where hydrogen also plays a role, and there is where HAN Hydromotive is discussed. The team was invited to participate in the event as an exhibitor.


The ACT / RCT Gelderland annual meeting takes place on 10 February at CIVON in Ulft. This year's theme is 'Leadership in changing times'. Because this meeting is exclusively organized for the manufacturing industry and IT companies in the Achterhoek region, the well-known network has already missed a personal invitation for you, so please contact innovation broker Harold Vulink.

Network Reception

February 5th 2020

The team organized an event at IPKW for our partners. During this event we explained the progress of the team till the date and gave a little overview of what we have planned for upcoming months.

Open day HAN

Saturday, 18 January 


In 2020 we will be back on the open house days of the HAN. We would like to welcome you on Saturday 18 January. Our team members can tell you everything about how we are getting hydrogen on the road! Plus: you can ask everything about the automotive education. It might be the education for you!

New Energy & Mobility Innovation Lab

4 December 2019


On Wednesday 4 December HAN Hydromotive will be present for the opening of the HAN H2 Lab by IPKW (Industrial Park Kleefse Waard). The Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen connects different organizations in the new generation to find answers for innovation issues through a shared facility hydrogen lab: the Energy & Mobility Innovation Lab.

First Edition of the Stecker-café

27 November 2019. 16.00 PM till 18.00 PM.


On Wednesday 27 November De StecK is organisizing its first StecKer-café. HAN Hydromotive is invited to talk in an interactive way about the practical applications of hydrogen.

Doeko 55 years

18th october 2019


The HAN Hydromotive team was invited to the celebration of Doeko's 55th anniversary. This year they celebrate the 55 years that the company exists and they gladly invited all relatives to celebrate together. They let us take a look into their future-proof factory with the newest technologies and a fully automated production process.

The team brought our vehicle to make presence and explain what our goal was for this years challenge.

We would like to thank Doeko for the invitation and future relationships!

Dutch Design Meets Technology

10 October 2019


On 10 October a number of distunguishing companies in the High Tech Industry in the Northern Netherlands offer students, entrepeneurs and administrators a unique look behind the scenes of their working method, product development and realization.

Careerday ACE

10 October 2019


This year the Automotive Center of Expertise organizes the Automotive Career Day in collaboration with the Automotive cente of HAN, Fontys Hogescholen en Hogeschool Rotterdam.

As in previous years, participation in the career day is mandatory for all automotive students. Again, more than 1000 students are expected!

HAN Unecpexted x Innovate

4 October 2019


On October 4th, an afternoon and evening full of surprise and deepening was orgnaised for professionals and partners in the region as part of the Innovate festival.

Shell Eco-Marathon kickoff 2020

3 October 2019


Thursday, October 3 in Ahoy, Rotterdam. The kick-off of the Shell Eco-Marathon, where different teams can meet, eat and have a drink together

Festival Ambacht 21 in Zutphen

15 September 2019


Fesitval Ambacht 21 lets young and old experience how beautiful it is to work with your head, heart and hands towards a common goal. Activities such as demonstrations, workshops, presentations and numerous craft activities, including HAN Hydromotive!