B302 is a full-service agency within the Academy of IT and Media Design (AIM).
Entirely student-based, they combine Code, Creativity, Image and Communication to create stunning multimedia design such as our promotional video.


Askom Techniek bv has a permanent team of certified welders, mechanics and assembly employees. In short, with the deployment of flexible and motivated technical staff, they are happy to be of service! Askom is an important part of our project as one of their many talented employees welded the chassis for us. 


SABA produces excelent adhesives y sealants but this is only the first chapter in their success story. SABA always advocates an integrated solution based on knowledge, the strength of innovation and teamwork. That is why HAN Hydromotive chose SABA´s adhesives to bond the chassis to the body.

Mission H2

Under the name Mission H2; Gasunie, Shell Nederland, Remeha, Stedin, Toyota, Port of Amsterdam and Groningen Seaports will promote hydrogen as an important and sustainable energy carrier for the (near) future. The aim of the mission is to increase awareness of the sustainable possibilities of hydrogen among the Dutch public and to initiate a broad movement for the energy transition. Mission H2 - named after the hydrogen molecule H2 - simultaneously supports TeamNL on the way to the Tokyo 2021 Games. 

Proven Concepts

Years of experience and ''proven concepts'' have made Proven Concepts a important player in product development, model and prototype construction. Everything in the organization is designed to bring a technical issue to life.

Proven Concepts is a specialist in the production of metal/plastic parts, control/measuring molds, models and mock-ups. At the same time they measure and scan the quality of the realized products. All desired molded parts projects are Proven Concepts in-house. From development to the (end)product.

Together with Proven Concepts, we are working on custom parts for the Hydromotive vehicle.

Van Wees


Van Wees is the leader in UD and Crossply technology. A high quality, high volume production method with the lowest possible costs for the production of technical textiles and composite materials. In our engineering department and Research and Technology Center (R&TC) we develop machines, new products and process technologies to be able to deliver a complementary range of machines for a production line. Van Wees has been producing machines for the textile industry since 1945 resulting in a tremendous amount of knowhow. 

ACE (Automotive Center of Expertise)

ACE is the center of expertise for applied automotive research and education. The Automotive institutes of Hogeschool Rotterdam, Fontys Hogescholen, the business community and of course the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen all work together in this. ACE stands for synergy concerning quality of education, practice-oriented research, structural cooperation with the business community, integration of business assignments in regular education, promotion of expertise and talent scouting.

ACE (Automotive Center of Expertise)


Municipality of Arnhem

In the city of Arnhem, green energy is key to the mobility sector. Arnhem, know among other things as the trollybus network and many of the hydrogen initiatives that have been originated here, is always seeking for innovation and following the road towards zero-emission.

This is a reason why HAN Hydromotive is a project in which the municipality of Arnhem is happy to commit to. We are proud of our city and our shared vision!

Gemeente Arnhem



We would like to thank our sponsor I@Control for the pleasant cooperation this year. By extending the iLog wireless data logging system with Can Bus, we have made communication with the motor controller possible. This enabled us to read out many important parameters of our car remotely this year. By using the ISuite platform, we were able to analyse this data quickly and easily. This was ideal for testing adjustments to our new car.

Made in Arnhem

Dit is Arnhem is for all green, creative and entrepeneurial organizations in Arnhem. With this city marketing campaign, Arnhem is promoting the environmental, creative and entrepeneurial movements.

By doing this together, they strengthen their message and increase their awareness. Following this kind of actions, not only the city of Arnhem distinguishes itself, but any other movement involved with them, including us as HAN Hydromotive.

Their website offers information and inspiration about the companies and organizations contribution to the campaing.

Arnhem is known as the hydrogen capital of the Netherlands. Hydrogen is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. At Industrial Park Kleefse Waard (IPKW) you will find many companies engaged in commercial applications of hydrogen.

Because you can go even further together, the hydrogen companies that work at IPKW are one of the partners of HAN's Hydrogen Lab. Conversely, HAN has now established its own innovation lab at Kleefse Waard Industrial Park: the Mobility Innovation Center (MIC). Let it be clear: the Arnhem business community and the university of applied sciences are working closely together on the development of hydrogen as a fuel of the future.

Dit is Arnhem


QING is a quirky engineering firm. The consultants, advisors, project managers and engineers provide innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of industrial automation, special machine construction and energy.

QING does this for a large number of clients in the food-producing and processing industry, in the packaging industry, for real state developers and operators, educational institutions and for governments and semi-goverments.

The innovation and sustainable nature that QING has as an organization is recognizable in the performance they deliver, but also in the relationships they their clients.

At QING, pleasure is key; working with pleasure on innovative and sustainable technical solutions for their clients, that is QING!


Provincie Gelderland

Together with residents, companies and municipalities, the province of Gelderland is working on the use cleaner energy sources for a common goal; so that by 2050 Gelderland will no longer use gas an oil or any other pollutant energy sources.

They are currently working on projects around the area of Gelderland. In this way they stimulate the states of Zutphen, Deventer, Apeldorn to become a Cleantech region.

HAN Hydromotive is one of the green projects the province is commited to!!

Provincie Gelderland

Jifeline Networks

In 2014, Jifeline introduced it's in-house developed technology that creates a digital connection between the technical specialists, the diagnostic device and the vehicle itself. This network infraestructure works completely independently of the vehicle, the diagnostic device and the OEM.

A car mechanic who needs support from a technical specialist only need to connect his Jifeline "remote diagnosis" interface to the vehicle's OBD2 (On Board Diagnostic) connector. On the other hand, the technical specialist connect the diagnostic device of his preference.

The Jifeline "remote diagnosis" infraestructure provied a connection between the vehicle and the diagnostic device as if the specialist was inside the vehicle, while the vehicle may be thousands of miles away. This is a great opportunity for Hydromotive; because it gives an insite of the vehicle information while driving.

Jifeline Networks 

ATR Transmissions

With only around 15 people, ATR Transmissions is one of the larger specialists in the Netherlands in the field of overhauling automatic gearboxes. They distinguish themselves because their offer of a complete solution, their own choice of materials and they do extensive research to constantly improve the quality of their revisions.

ATR Transmissions

Automotive Works

Automotive Works is a young and dynamic intiative of HAN Automotive. This initiative is currently run by Selma van Loon. Automotive Works is an executive student employments agency with specialist knowledge in the field of automotive technology.

Companies can reach us to have their projects or jobs carried out at University level. The employees are students who respond with an "open mind" to every new request. In case of needing it we have access to all HAN Automotive facilities and can ask for additional support from expertise and researchers.

Automotive Works


Nedcam realizes models,prototypes and complete products based on digital 2D and 3D designs with a great accuracty and dimensions up to 30 meters in length. They use a high-quality machine park with five-axis CNC machines.

Thanks to a total concept of advice, management, implementation and innovation, Nedcam offers the right solution for every project.

Nedcam will assist HAN Hydromotive in the development of the body designed in 2020 as well as it did in 2019.


FabLab Arnhem

Every FabLab has its own specialities. At FabLab Arnhem we focus on education and business and on the fact the world is becoming more and more digital. Recent techniques and fresh knowledge provide a unique environment where inspiring and innovative ideas take place and lead to modern ideas and products. 

At FabLab Arnhem you are able to transform your concepts into real products. Various machines and the most diverse material will make that possible, both in 2D and in 3D.

FabLab Arnhem


The complete Shell Eco-Marathon is facilitated by Shell and its partners. Thanks to them this whole competition exists!

You can find more information about the event clicking on the link below!



HAN Automotive Research

As a Research and Development institute, HAN-AR is a very attractive partner for governments, the automotive industry and for small and medium-sized companies that are looking for design, research and testing solutions.

Thanks to the connections with the automotive industry, knowledge institutes, and the expertise of teachers and researchers and the strength of student teams, HAN-AR can offer affordable expertise and manpower to come with an innovative solution.

Clients gain access to extensice computer facilities and high-end software programs during collaboration with HAN-AR. Customers would also get access to the extensice research laboratory with a wide range of test and measurement facilities.

HAN Automotive Research