Hydromotive: the sustainable alternative on hydrogen

We are building the car of the future. We let this car race on hydrogen against the European top of sustainable cars. All knowledge that we have about clean mobility is applied into our vehicle. It would be great to get some help from the region with that!


The Shell Eco-marathon

Every year, Shell organizes this race to let the world meet sustainable transport. The world will see the possibility: hydrogen is a sustainable alternative for gasoline, LNG or electricity as a fuel.

In this race international student teams compete against each other to design and create the most fuel efficient car. This year, the great record of 893 kilometers per liter gasoline needs to be broken. We strive to reach this goal by applying new techniques to drive more kilometers with less fuel. Think about making the car weigh less or adapting a frugal way to drive.


Clean mobility

Of course the first goal is winning the Shell Eco-Marathon. But we would also love to reach a higher goal: commit ourselves to clean mobility, together with the region. Mobility can be more sustainable and easier on hydrogen than on gasoline, LNG or electricity. We believe in hydrogen as a good alternative for these fuels. The mobility sector can not be depending on these fuels! By using hydrogen as a fuel, we only emit water. This can easily be stored. Also, a tank fills faster with hydrogen than electricity.


Together with the region!

We won’t win the Shell Eco-marathon and our race against climate change on our own. We will need knowledge and financial recourses for that, too! Only than the team can deliver the best performance! Sponsoring offers a good way to let the target audience of companies think different. Sponsoring the Hydromotive team will make a company show itself as sustainable and social concerned with solving the challenges that we face. Find out what we can do with help from the region on our SPONSORS section.